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Tabs, powder or gel – the best dishwasher detergent for your machine and how to use it

Dishwasher detergents come in all shapes and sizes. Which one is right for you? Well, the short answer is: the one you like best. You can do your own comparison, test the best products in your own dishwasher and then decide whether tabs, powder or gel appeal to you. As dishwasher tablets are the most popular form of dishwasher detergent, you will find the greatest range of products are offered in this category. More details on which tabs are best for which purpose below.

Dishwasher detergent tabs – the most popular product

Dishwasher tablets are a popular form of dishwasher detergent. They are easy to use, effective and come in a wide range of formulas. Because there are so many different types of dishwasher tablets available, you are also most likely to find them at a reduced price, or on special offer. Find out which tabs are best suited to which purpose in our comparison table below.
1. Somat Classic Tabs are the best general cleaner if you prefer to use detergent tablets combined with separate salt and rinse aid. See how to use dishwasher tablets, add dishwasher salt and rinse aid in the video below.

2. By comparison, Somat 7 All in 1 contains the same cleaning properties as the classic tablet, plus six additional advantages, including instant activation, tea and coffee stain remover, glass protection, rinse aid, dishwasher salt, machine protection.
3. If you're looking for an even more efficient multi-active product, Somat 10 All in 1 Extra contains the same cleaning properties as the classic tablet, plus the six additional advantages of Somat 7, and brings the number of features to 10 with an extra odour neutraliser, effective cleaning from 40° and additional stainless steel shine.

Our best dishwasher tablet is the Somat Gold 12 Multi-Active. In addition to all the product features listed above, it offers extra power to clean burnt pots and pans, as well as an additional dry effect. Bonus: the tab comes packaged in a thin film that doesn't have to be unpacked manually. Place it directly into the detergent compartment and it will dissolve in the machine. By the way: we aren't the only ones who think that Somat Gold is the best dishwasher tablet out there. Germany's leading consumer product testers “Stiftung Warentest” declared them the best multi-active tabs in a recent product comparison and they have emerged as test winner in other trials.

Dishwasher detergent powder – old school and reliable

Dishwasher detergent powder was the standard product until tabs were introduced in the 1990s. They are like tabs in a loose form, which lets you dose your detergent flexibly. Go for Somat Classic Powder if you want to keep your dishwasher routine classic.
Put the powder in the same place as tabs. Use a measuring cup or spoon to add the powder to your dishwasher's soap dispenser, following the dosage instructions on the package. Make sure you use salt and rinse aid, as detergent powder doesn't contain these additives

Dishwasher detergent gel – the rising stars

Gel has gained popularity in recent years. Somat Power Gel is particularly good at cutting through grease – perfect if you are running a greasy load after a barbecue or fry-up. Not only will it clean your dishes and pans, it will help remove residual grease inside your dishwasher, for example on the filter. Other benefits include dosing flexibility and extra shine. Combine this dishwasher gel with salt if your water hardness is over 21° dH (degrees of German Hardness).
See how to use dishwasher gel in the video below.

Dishwasher detergent gel and powder pods

Dishwasher pods combining gel and powder are the rising stars of the dishwasher detergent world. Somat Power Caps combine powerful cleaning powder with grease fighting gel, plus salt function and rinse aid, all in one handy pod. Dosage couldn't be simpler, as the entire formula is popped into the soap dispenser without unpacking.
See how to use dishwasher detergent pods in the video below.