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Dishwashing products Pur

Pur 5+

Pur Sekrety Kucharza 5+ is effective against stubborn fat. Even a small amount * can clean many dishes and prevent unpleasant odors. Enjoy 5 benefits in one bottle!

* 2.5 ml / 5L for normally soiled crockery

Self-cleaning formula: The newly developed Pur formula, cleans dishes for you - penetrates deeplysideways into grease and dirt and separates it from the pan faster and easier without the need for scrubbing *. 100% recycled plastic bottle.

* no mechanical movements compared to the previous Pur formula

Pur Balsam

Pur Balsam provides excellent solutions for consumers with sensitive skin.

  • The product is dermatologically tested, for skin with a neutral pH
  • Natural, pleasant aroma of aloe vera or green tea
  • The power of natural ingredients

Pur Secrets of the Mineral Pearls

Efficiency you can see. Pur Secrets of the Mineral Pearls - strong degreasing action with fat-attracting particles and hundreds of mineral pearls. Now you can enjoy shiny dishes, elegant design as well as a unique fragrance in your kitchen.

  • Try Pur Secrets of the Mineral Pearls and be surprised by its washing performance
  • Strong exfoliating power
  • Unusual dishwashing with hundreds of mineral pearls and an attractive design
  • A premium fragrance inspired by elegant perfumes. Enjoy shiny dishes and a unique fragrance in your kitchen
  • 100% recycled plastic bottle

Pur Pro Nature

Pur Pro Nature - ecological dishwashing liquid, ingredients of natural origin, fast degreasing power, pH neutral for the skin, fresh fragrance 500ml

  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING: Thanks to the effective formula of Pur Pro Nature, it easily removes grease and dirt.
  • Gentle on the skin: Despite its strong degreasing power, the pH-neutral formula is dermatologically tested and protects even sensitive skin.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: the liquid consists of 95.5% ingredients of natural origin. It has the Eco Label certificate, which sets high standards for environmentally friendly products
  • SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: The bottle is made of 100% recycling. Both the bottle and the cap are recyclable.


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