Is Pur a biodegradable dishwashing liquid?

The short answer to this question is yes, Pur is a biodegradable dishwashing fluid because all the surfactants it contains are biodegradable (OECD 301 study). But what exactly does "biodegradable" mean? This means that the dishwashing liquid breaks down in the environment without destroying it. As a result of its decomposition, no toxins, chemicals or other chemicals will remain in the soil that could harm plants, animals and even people.

Biodegradable substances such as pur dishwashing liquid break down quickly. The process does not take many years, so you can have peace of mind when washing dishes at the campsite.

Why does Pur contain enzymes?

Pur fluid's list of ingredients includes fully natural and biodegradable enzymes. These ingredients help get rid of stubborn food stains and particles, including:

  • eggs
  • jam
  • pasta, rice, potatoes
  • ice cream
  • pudding

Thanks to enzyme-based dishwashing liquids, you can easily clean the dishes without the need for excessive scrubbing, in an environmentally friendly way and at a lower temperature.

Another difference is that Pril dishwashing liquids do not contain harsh ingredients such as phosphates, which do not break down like enzymes and often find their way into water and soil, endangering many living organisms such as algae, fish and plants.

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