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Challenge happiness!

Let’s celebrate the Month of Happiness with a challenge! It's about the little things in life that make us happy. Share happiness with everybody. And with us. On social media we start a sharing charity challenge. It's about beautiful moments you share with your dearest while cooking in the kitchen, having breakfast, lunch or just happy times around the table in general. We take social media literally and use it the proper way: by spreading good vibes to inspire people all over the world. Let‘s flood the web with nice moments and happy faces

The challenge

  1. Upload a photo of a happy food moment with your family or one very best friend coming together and having a meal in your Instagram Feed – of course keeping Corona regulations in mind. Whether it's a photo of your girlfriend, who can hardly contain her joy at lunch or the laughing children, who are just amused by a joke from mom.
  2. Then just tag us and use our hashtags #MyHappyRecipe and #EnjoyTogether.
  3. Since we have partnered up with (NGO), we are going to donate one meal for every purchased Pril or Somat product bought during the month of happiness. Moreover, we will donate for every posting with the hashtags #MyHappyRecipe and #EnjoyTogether as well!

We want to encourage as many people as possible to share their happy moments with us and everyone out there. If you follow our tips and tricks to contribute, you'll be able to upload a whole gallery of pictures full of joy. Guaranteed.

Afraid of the mess? Dont be!

After you've finshed your #enjoytogether moment you don't need to worry about the dirty dishes.
With Somat even thoughest dirt like grease and burnt-in is removed, so your dishes get easily and perfectly clean again.

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