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Let‘s welcome the Month of Happiness!

We celebrate the Month of Happiness and the influence happiness has on us and our lives. Let’s spend more time to celebrate the little things which make us happier. Yet these are enormously important for our well-being. Sitting together at the dinner table or in the kitchen doing the dishes – when the kids play with spaghetti and the parents just shake their head in amusement… Let’s get back to what it's all about and what's really important in life. To spend quality time with our loved ones. 

#ENJOYTOGETHER and contribute to happiness!

The moments where we #enjoytogether is the key to real happiness. Experiences and stories we share with our families and friends. Be it the burnt cookies from last Christmas or the great menu from mom that even amazed grandma. Many of the most beautiful stories are created at the dining table.
You know, no one wants to be alone. Especially now. But that's not always that easy. Thanks to digitalization, there are countless ways to stay in touch virtually. We should take advantage of that. As often as possible.

Cook together, eat together.

“Social Eating” makes you happy. Even the scientists say so. The typical situation of children, young people and even adults sitting at the table with their cell phones and hardly talking to each other is something you see more often. Time to change that – turn your phone off and volume up happiness. When you eat together, it strengthens your social well-being and contributes to your happiness. And don’t forget cooking! Use the time together and start cooking together. It’s a great way to share stories and happiness while having fun. No pressure! It’s not important how you cook, what you cook – it’s important that you cook. Cook regularly. Preferably with one friend – Corona conformal of course. Or cook with your fam. It doesn't matter. In times of digitalization and ever-increasing egoism, you have to get back to the essential things in life. Many people also like to cook alone. And that's okay too. But we are sure that some of these people would be happier if they spent time together with friends in the kitchen. Who else is going to keep an eye on the grilled vegetables?

The ingredients of happiness

Food is known to have an impact on our mood. Just imagine the moment how it feels when you haven’t eaten anything for a longer time. Getting a little grumpy, huh? It's the Month of Happiness – time to enjoy! Yes, chocolate makes you happy and don’t we love how it makes us feel good? But there are even more super foods of happiness. Avocado makes you happy and contains good nutrients and vitamins. You could add them to a slice of toast with some freshly cut tomato or make a nice bowl of grilled chicken salad with Avocado. Call over some friends for a Nacho movie night and make some guacamole and dips. And there’s fruits of course. Such as Berries, Bananas and Grapes also make you feel happy, so mix a smoothie in the morning for a good start in the day.

Happy dishes

We all don't like doing the dishes, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop there. Turn on your favourite playlist and go with the flow. In addition, you can also use the playlist to stop time. Try to finish washing up within the playlist. This will help you with saving time and also pimp your mood.

Here are out top 5 songs:

  1. Motive – Ariana Grande
  2. Say So – Doja Cat
  3. Dreamcatcher – Keke Palmer
  4. WOW – Zara Larsson
  5. Happy – Pharrell Williams

Happy lifehacks

Nothing’s better than starting the day with a fresh smoothie, right? Pure happiness. But no one is down for cleaning it afterwards. So finally, here's a clever life hack for you. Mix detergent and water to wash the inside of your blender without cutting your fingers on the blades. After about 30 seconds of blending, pour out the soapy water and rinse the machine. It’s just that easy.

Find the daily ideas to join #MyHappyRecipe challenge!

  1. Experience: Cook a new desert with your family and share the picture
  2. Aim: Have a family diner & share your key achievement target goals for upcoming year
  3. Give: Share the recipe details about your prefer meal ever & see what your friends enjoy it
  4. Eat well: Cook healthy smoothy for your family with their preferred fruits & veggies and share the coloreful picture
  5. Socialize: Have a remote diner with friends & share picture of it
  6. Exercise: Have a break, take fresh air & share a picture
  7. Thank: Share appreciation to the people you will speak with today & thanking them for something they do, and you enjoy the most

Read more about the challenge

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